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Mister Jester's Site of Power
Mister Jester's Site of Power

Level 3-5 Ki Ball
And Extreme Blasts

Level 3 Ki Ball

Before you try this technique you MUST ALREADY be at the intermediate level!

1. Charge your Ki till you start to get dizzy or nautious,(this is why you must be at the intermediate level), once there continue charging. Since your alredy at the intermediate level the dizziness and nausia should pass by about 1 min.

2. After you reach the level Where you can charge no more,(You are going to pass out), create a super charged ki ball, which should contain almost all of your energy,(leave 20% of the energy in you or you will faint, or throw up).

3. Once the ball is created add a sort of shell around it by flexing your arms more, and visualizing a can of paint being poured on top of it. Make sure that the paint coat is thick.

4. After completeing this, try to use your yi (will power) to throw the ball at something. Prefferably a punching bag.

Doing this technique 3 times a day, for 2 weeks, should boost you up a level or two.

Level 5 ki Ball

You must be either a high level intermediate or on the advanced level to perform anything else from now on.

1. Create a level 3 ki ball.
2. After the construction of this keep concentrating on keeping the ball together or this won't work. Ground yourself and charge your ki to the ultra max again, but this time you can take in more energy because your at a higher level.
3. Transfer the energy you just conjured up and make a second ball, but this time, instead of only putting on one shell, put on two.
4. Take the newly made ball (which is a level four ball) and the old one and bring them close to eachother, and due to, I think, a chain reaction of some sort takes place and the balls should merge.
5. You now have created a level 5 ki ball.

(alternate)4. If the regular #4 doesn't work then use your yi to combine them.

"Spirit Bomb" or "Genki Dama"

I knoe that this is a DBZ move that Goku does, and I must tell you now that this move is not as strong as it is on the show! Now to the theory behind why this should work.

While I was watching an episode of DBZ, I noticed that Goku (one of the characters) was doing a move called the Spirit Bomb, which seemed in theory that it was possible to do. All he did was draw energy from the earth, make it into a ball and throws it. That's It, nothing more to it.

How To Do It
1. Charge your energy to it's max.
2. Send this energy into your hands.
3. Keep holding the energy in your hand, and draw energy, not the regular way, but from the earth. Imagine the Earth giving you energy from the core of the earth. Imagine the Earth's Ki as little green fire flies coming, and landing on your body. Imagine absorbing the Energy and centering it into the pit of your stomach. Keep Drawing energy until you can take in no more.
4. Send the newly generated Earth Ki into the same place as your old ki was.
4. Combine the two and create a ki ball.
5. Do the level 5 method, except that this time make the shells at least a foot thick each time, and vue'la.



Must Be at the Intermediate level Before Doing Anything on This Page