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Ki Charging Exercises

Sitting Ki Cultivation

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed so that your ankles are touching. Then, cross your wrists and grab the
calf opposite of your arm. (I.e. right arm grabs left calf.) The purpose of crossing your wrists and ankles is to
hold or contain the ki energy you are going to harness, so that it cannot escape through the two openings of
your body (palm of hands and soles of feet).

Close your eyes and breathe in through the nose and out the mouth. As you breath in, visualize the earth's
energy (in a green glow) coming into your body via a small "gateway" in the base of your spine. Visualize the
energy vacuuming up into the swirling gateway and your abdominal area. Hold the energy in your abdominal
area as you hold your breath calmly. As you hold the energy there, visualize it moving rapidly up and through
your body. It should travel through your chest and up to your brain. Make sure it is traveling SLOWLY, as you
do not want to force the energy too much. You are simply directing it through your body. The energy should
also travel through your arms and legs. Basically, you want it to fill your entire body.

When you can not hold your breath any longer, empty your lungs and as you do so, visualize the waste air
leaving your body to be re-charged by the Earth. Repeat this cycle, going each time slower and deeper as you
do it. The energy you develop here will be your "fuel tank" or "reserve" energy that you will use when you
practice a ki technique.

If your body starts to vibrate, do not be alarmed. It sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. It depends on
how much energy you are taking in. If you start in any way to feel sick or odd, STOP performing this
meditation until the feeling goes away. Perform daily for maximum benefit.

Excerpt Taken From The Official Martial Ki Page

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