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Mister Jester's Site of Power

Training for the Martial Artist

Iron Shirt Training

After much pondering and reading, I am begining to discover for myself how to do the legendary Iron Shirt
training. Notice that I have nbot fgured it all out and that I only have the beginer's training. I am still thinking on
how to do the other steps.

Beginner's Shirt

This requires you to take a shower. Yes, a shower. You see, magicians sometimes use fire in their shows and
some even go to the lengths of rubbing flames on their bodies. This is no trick; thye are actually rubbing fire on
their bodies. The only trick is that they feel no pain.

Magicians that do this trick have hardened their skin so that the flame does not really hurt them anymore. They
feel the heat, but not the pain. A human being could turn an oven on at 350 degrees, stick their hand in it and
not burn themselves. But only if they first prepare their nerves for the heat.

The original method is to dump warm urine on the hands. However, we live in the modern age. Takeing a warm
shower shall suffice. Heat travels faster in water so please be careful of the tempature. Basically, don't tense up.
It will hurt more. Start at a tempature a little hotter than you usually take a shower in. Gradually over a month,
gradually increase the tempature of each setting. Give your whole body (except your face and genital area) a
chance at the burn. Try to work each area seperatly. If pain is spread over a large area, it does not hurt as bad.
So, try to keep the water spraying in a small area (this is why taking a wamr bath is ineffective. Think of a hot
tub or spa)

The genitals are out of the question. No matter what you do, you cannot protect them from injury. Your natural
tolerance for pain will be your only help in this area. Your face can be worked however, it will not really do any
good. If you get hit in the head, your going to have a headache because your brain has been jiggled. But the
rest of your head should be worked. But working your face can give you a hint of what the pain in your face
will feel like. But please, don't keep your face in the shower water too long. You can hurt yourself in the
shower you know.


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Conditioning exercises

Punching an object with increasing power...starting with least strengthed-objects and gradually going to wood,
plastic, and metal.

Hitting the forearms, abdomen, and shins (or any place used in blocking or where you are commonly hit) with
an object (such as a bar) with increasing power...starting with wood or softer and going to plastic then to metal.
Remember to start slowly. Don't start out with hitting too much. Increase power only a little each time you hit.
Keep the same object only until you no longer feel pain from it's material. Same goes for previous exercise and
any to come.

Placing the fists, hands, and feet in ice cold water, then quickly putting them over a candle. (Or start with candle
then go to cold water, repeat) Rinse hands and repeat. (Haha, a joke)

Taking ice cold showers or baths to strengthen body

Putting the hands and feet over a candle, getting closer each week (but remember from before...slowly gain
distance, don't go too fast to soon).

Having a partner throw a medicine ball (or substitute with a basketball or soccerball) with increasing power.
Remember to keep your stomach tightened during the exercise. Also can be done by laying on your back and
throwing it to the air and letting it hit your stomach (or any other place where resistance to injury is wanted)

Using a nail file( most girls have them) on the bottom of the feet over the sole to create callusses where after a
year or so (like mine) it can become impervious to most sharp objects (e.a. needles, small knifes, being scraped
by a knife or glass) I would recommend not to do this to your hands cause it makes hands unattractive...the
bottom of the feet are never seen and it is okay, but it is not grotesque or anything, just rough feeling.(note from
MisteryShadow-don't use foot massagers or the callusses will be softened and make them worthless)

Barehanded (or footed) punching bag striking

Running underwater (a natural resistance)

Using same fire or ice technique as above on the forearms and shins to increase density in cells and strength for

This was taken from "The Official Site of Martial Ki"

Weighted Clothing

I know that it is a major sin for martial artists to incorperate anime into the arts. I say "Fu(% that." The anime Dragon Ball Z has got to be the most influencial anime for the martial arts. If you have visitted every section of my site, then you can see that I incorperate many things from the cartoon into the martial arts. One of the techniques they use is the weighted clothing training. All you need, to use this style, is to wear weights, in a form in which tey are comfortable and not too heavy.

Here are some forms of weihted clothing you could use in your taining.

1. Socks filled with sand or pennies, which are attached to parts of your clothing with tape or

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