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Ki Ball Construction

Low Level Ki Ball

You Cup your hands together and shut your eyes. You then flex your arm muscle (keep eyes shut). Let the energy flow in your hands, because thats all Ki balls are. They are balls of energy. Don't worry if you can't see it the 1st time you just need to put more energy into it. If your hand twitches thats ok, that lets you know that you might be able to see it. It should take you a week or two weeks to see your ki ball. Some can see it earlier than others. You should also charge up your ki to it's maximum to create a Ki ball quicker and stronger. The time it should usualy take you to perform a ki ball before seeing it is about 5-10 min. for beginners, 4-6 min. for intermediate, and 30 sec.-1 min. for the advanced (ki gifted).

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